• Użytkownik Zadane
On 9 October 1985, around 12:00, supplier of armored trucks entered the restaurant "Steak and Ale, 900 Block 97th Avenue, Miami, Florida, while the driver remained in the car. When the courier left the restaurant, carrying a bag of cash, was detained by two men in military clothes, holding automatic weapons. One of the suspects approached him and said: "Do not move or I'll shoot." Bag of cash was taken, and the supplier led to the back of a truck. The same suspect told the driver: "Open the truck." He did not react, so the suspect repeated the request. The driver did not open the truck and tried to leave. Then the second suspect fired two rounds from a gun described as AR-15 or M-16. Balls hit in the back of the truck, and one of them grazed the front driver's side fender. Suspects left the place of the attack, taking with them a bag, which was 2.800 $ (the truck has 400,000 $). They drove off a car described as a dark gray or blue in two shades, the registration numbers of stolen DMX-388. Przetłumaczone na polski zaraz ci wyśle na Priv :) Pozdro mam nadzieję, że pomogłem.