Odpowiedz na pytania,po angielsku.
1.when do you get nervous?
2.when do you get scared?
3.when do you angry?
4.at what time does it get dark now?
5.when does it get cold in your country?
6.when does it get hot in your country?



1. I usually get nervous when I have to write a difficult test.
2. I sometimes get scared when a strange looking person knocks to my door.
3. I get angry when somebody wakes me up in the morning.
4. Now, it is getting dark at 7 o'clock.
5. In my country it gets cold in November.
6. In my country it gets hot in Juni.
1. I get nervous when I have to sing in front of the class, or when I get in trouble.
2. I get scared when it's dark outside,or when I'm watching a scary movie.
3. I get angry when someone lies to me.
4. It gets dark at around 17.00.
5. It gets cold in November and December.
6. It gets hot in May and June.
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