Write about your new game. Use your ansev from ex. 8

1 What type of game are you going to make?
2 is the game going to be violent?
3 Is the game going to have sound effects?
4 How many levels is the game going to have
5 Are people going to play the game on the Internet?
6 Why is your game going to be the best?
7Are you going to become rich and famous?

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I`m going to make sports game. It will be call UEFA EURO 2012. It won`t be violent. Football isn`t very violent. There will be some sound effects. The game will have a few levels. It won`t be difficult. People aren`t going to play the game on the Internet. My game is going to be the best because it is very good game and it has got well graphic. I`m going to be famous. Good games ale expensive and popular. =)
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