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Your country in a week.

napisałam narazie 6 dni i nie mam pomyslu na dzień 7. Poprawcie mi błędy i jeśli możecie dodajcie więcej zdań.

Days 1 and 2- Arrive in Warsaw. There are many things to see like Museum of Powstanie Warszawskie and Park called Łazienki. Visit the Castle of Warsaw which is in Old City.

Day 3- Travell south to Łódź. There a lot of old fabrics and attractions. Go walking on famous street called Piotrkowska. There's a famous big aquapark, too.

Days 4 and 5- Travell south to Krakow. You may visit the Wawel- castle. You can go walking on Krakow's medieval streets. Near the Krakow is <kopalnia, nie wiem jak jest> of salt- Wieliczka. The end of the fifth day is free.

Day 6- Go to Zakopane- well-known Polish place in mountains Tatry. You can go climbing and walking on street- Krupówki.

Day 7-



Day 7: we're going to Gdańsk. This is the place by the see. There is a lighthouse. (Tam jest latarnia morska). We walk the beach.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
We stay in mountains but we go on the east to the Pieniny. There is a beautifull lake called Czorsztyńskie- you can swim it by boat. The end you can go climbing on Trzy Korony.