Prognoza Pogody z różnych Krajów

1.znaleźć zdjęcia lub pocztówki każdego kraju, który chcesz
2.napisz co jest pogoda w tym kraju
3.sporządzić sprawozdanie plakatu pogody z różnych krajów. Trzymać swoje zdjęcia i prognozy pogody na plakacie

Prosze pomóżcie!!! Mogę wam jeszcze podać po angielsku....

Weather Report from different Countries

1.find photo or postcards of any country you want
2.write what the weather is like in this country
3.make a poster- weather report from different countries. stick your pictures and weather reports on the poster

Błagam was rozwiążcie szybko!!!.... To na jutro..... :/



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The first postcard shows egypt which is very hot and sunny. temperature can occur even to 40 degrees Celsius. here is invaluable camel "thing"

The second postcard shows London in England. It was cold and often raining. temperature reaches 16 degrees Celsius. People must always carry umbrellas.

third postcard shows a beautiful Majorca, sunny and calm the clouds here. Weather conditions are good to grow palm trees. The water here is always warm.

In my opinion, the weather in each country is different. In each there is something else and we feel differently. Therefore, I recommend visiting them all.