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Przebywasz na obozie językowym w Anglii. Rodzina u której mieszkasz chce przygotować na kolację twoją ulubioną potrawę polską. Napisz krótką instrukcję w której:
*powiesz jakie danie przygotujesz
* podasz jakie składniki są potrzebne
*podasz krótki przepis na przygotowanie potrawy
* poinformujesz z jakimi innymi produktami (np napojami) należy podać danie.



We need to do pizza 300g of flour. The meal is rather forget can not, at least hard for me to imagine. The mound of the flour form a cavity into which pour about 0.5 cups of lukewarm water and yeast wkruszamy (about 20g). Water may be hot, because we will kill the yeast and pizza will be wafer instead of Christmas. There can also be cold, because the yeast does not wystratują.

After a moment of powierzciasto to pizzychni water should be to create a crust with cracks - a sign that the yeast work. Add salt (half a teaspoon) and with two tablespoons of olive oil (oil, not some oil).

The whole mix and pressed his hands up to the feeling of extreme fatigue and wrist to obtain a uniform soft mass. Oprószone flour leave for about 20 minutes in the warmth that grew,.

Pin out risen dough or crush his hands in order to gain the desired shape and leave it on the stove for a few minutes to even grew,. Plate before Grease, and the best lay out a special paper for baking cakes.

In the meantime, we made sauce, using crushed tomato, olive oil, chopped onions and garlic. Mandatory to add pepper sauce, and depending on your mood and imagination also peppers, salt and other spices.

At the top we put salami, vegetables - such as onions, peppers. You can put przesmażone earlier and seasoned mushrooms. Overall abundance przesypujemy grated cheese (the mozzarella is ideal, though not necessarily). At the end we can sprinkle the basil, oregano and olives.

The oven must be heated as closely as possible. In piekarniu 220 degree C hot air pizza is ready in about 12 minutes.