Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Today I got up very late on 15. Washed dressed, ate breakfast and I went to church to pray
When the Mass ended, I went home ate dinner and went for a walk with the dog
Returned after 2 h, founded a roll and went to ski. Tate so far asked me some piezniedzy, because I'll be late, then he will go to Hapa, after 2 hr drive my legs started to bolt, I wrote to the boy to come after me, and then go to him. We were with him the rest of the day, watched movies and ate popcorn.
I want say about my teribble saturday. It was really bad day and it began from very early woke up. After party!! I needed more sleep!! But my mom ran to my room and she shouted something about birhtady my uncle . So i must got up from my sweet bed and go with parents on boring family party to my uncle. When we arrived there i sayed hello to everyone and I went on met with my friend Kathrin and we went on long walk . We talked for a very long time and when i checked time was very late so I ran to house my uncle and i was shocked ! My parents backed to home without me. I was desperate and i must stayed at uncle hous for night in room which made me afraid. I couldnt sleep all night! I had very scary nightmare this room have a secret i know this.And i know something else. I never stay at home my uncle for night in this room!!!!!