Dear Patrick!

Hello. I am writing this letter to you to be able to invite you to my city-Augustow.
It is a beautiful place. Surroundings are beautiful.
Who I spent time here.
Mogłybyśmy to shop and the park.
Will soon be at our concerts of famous Polish bands. Spend some time together. Would be extremely. What do you think? Welcome.
Your ( wpisz swoje imię) ;)
Hi Adam
Hi. I did not it write long ago and apologize for this, greet your family. I have for you cool proposals parents cie permitted me to invite for a week in holidays what do you thereon? He washed with my this cool sentence we would can go to the pictures, we have in my city fish's small fishery and would can to go on fish, we will make in trade gallery purchases, we will go to newly open zoo. My parents are cool you will see. I have new on computer game which we would can test. Hope from you will agree. Copy quickly, I wait on your answer. I greet ……………..
Mysle ze ok. Jesli jeszcze cos masz pisz na priv.
Hi Patryk
How are you ?
Did you want watch my City?
be caming to me.
You wanna know what is in my city?
centre of the city is big squer and old charch.
we going to my big garden or we go to squer.
when you want we can going to cinema.
In my city is super club the sport.
So we can going ther,
we can sweming ther.
I have got car so ife you want we can drive
to my friend's
ther is dancing club
so?I've you got we can dance ther.
This is very nails club.
we can draiving on bicycle.
we can listen music.
or watching tv and eat chips.
Cam to me
bye!your great friend {podpisz się.....}