Volleyball is my favourite sport. I like this sport because it is a team game. There are six players in each group. A special ball and a net are needed to play the game. The game consists in hitting the ball with any body part ( most often with hands) in such a way that it flies above the net. Every team can hit the ball three times. A team scores when the opposite team loses the ball or throws it outside the court. The winning team is a team that scores 25 points and wins by 2 points. I like playing volleyball with my friends and family, and I like watching on TV when a Polish team is playing
Sports in my life is very important. I am in the summer of swimming, cycling, jogging. In the winter snowboarding and skiing. Without such a lifestyle can not use. My favorite sport is growing everyday playing volleyball. It is very fascinating and a perfect sport for me. I'm really good. Very often I play volleyball with friends.

Mogę naj ;))
Volleyball is my favorite sport. I like to play it. I'm in this game the best of my class. In the future, I would like to be a professional volleyball. After school, I play it often with friends. Often play in our school team.