Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 Complete the sentences with some or any.
1 Is there __any_____ sugar in the bowl?
2 I haven’t got _any ______ books about South
3 Do you want a pen? There are ___some____ in my
4 There isn’t _____any__ water in the bottle.
5 When you went to the zoo did you see ___any____
6 Please buy _some______ apples when you go
7 Are there _any______ cafés near here?
Mark /7
2 Complete the sentences with much or many.
1 How __much_____ money did you spend on the
new car?
2 How ____many___ people were there at the party?
3 How ____much___ time is there before dinner?
4 How ___many____ TV programmes do you watch a
5 How ___much____ milk do you have with your
6 How ___many____ magazines do you buy every
7 How ____many___ cups of tea does your mum drink
a day?
Mark /7
3 Complete the text with a, an, the or – (no
1____The new restaurant opened in 2____the___
High Street last week. It’s called The Big Veggie
and it serves 3_____a__ excellent vegetarian food.
It has 4___an____ interesting menu. 5__A_____
meals on the menu are delicious and not
expensive at all. In my opinion, it’s 6___the____
best place to eat vegetarian food in town.
Mark /6
4 Complete the sentences with the correct words
in the box.
bottle bowl glass slice cup
1 I always have a __cup_____ of coffee when I get
up in the morning.
2 Would you like a ____slice___ of toast with your
3 The waiter brought me a ___glass____ of orange
juice with my meal.
4 Can you get a ____bottle___ of milk when you go
shopping please?
5 It’s good for you to have a ___bowl____ of cereal
before you go to work.
Mark /5
5 Complete the sentences with the correct
1 My favourite meal is baked __onions_____ on toast.
A cabbage B onions C beans
2 In the summer we often eat __C_____ and
cream in the garden.
A cheese B bread C strawberries
3 At the Indian restaurant we had a delicious
chicken ____B___.
A pastry B curry C yoghurt
4 Would you like some ____A___ potatoes with
your beef?
A roast B eggs C carrots
5 A cup of hot ___C____ helps you sleep well at
A orange juice B curry C chocolate
Mark /5
6 Read the text.
The Kitchen
Tania Francis is the owner of a new food store
called The Kitchen Cupboard. Our reporter, Fran
Peters, asked her about the business.
Fran Your food store is very popular Tania.
Why do you think this is?
Tania Well, healthy food is big news these
days. Our store sells healthy food and we tell
you how to cook it!
Fran Do you tell every customer?
Tania We give recipes every time you buy
something at our store.
Fran And do you eat the food from your store?
Tania I certainly do! I try to stay healthy. I go to
the gym, I go jogging every day and I write the
recipes for the store. Of course, I have to cook
them first!
Fran Which is your favourite recipe?
Tania That’s difficult. I really like the chicken
and tomato burgers and, of course, the fish and
cheese pie. That’s very popular.
Fran Do you think people really want to be
healthier these days?
Tania Yes. There are a lot of reports in the
newspapers and magazines about people who
are too heavy. It’s so dangerous. People are
learning to cook and eat healthier food. But
healthy doesn’t mean boring! Come along to
The Kitchen Cupboard and see how many
delicious meals you can cook with healthy food.

7 Choose the best answers.
1 At The Kitchen Cupboard you can
A have a cooking lesson.
B eat a good meal.
C buy healthy food. -------> to
2 Tania
A has a lot of cookery books.
B loves eating.
C does a lot of exercise. --------> to
3 One of her favourite recipes includes
A meat and vegetables. --------> to
B fish and vegetables.
C fruit and vegetables.
4 Tania thinks people want to be healthy
A they know it’s dangerous to be heavy. ---------> to
B they like healthy food.
C they want to be in the newspapers.
5 Healthy food
A is usually boring.
B is often expensive.
C can be delicious. -----------> to
2 5 2