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Sports - according to the teaching of physical education: the various forms of physical and mental, taken for pleasure or competition. From "ordinary recreation" is his observance of a number of different rules governing the discipline.

According to the less popular but more internally consistent definition, any form of sport activity (physical and mental) be undertaken in order to compete - collective or individual, in various games and sports, but also "with itself", such as mountaineering and extreme sports .

The recreation, understood here as a distinct concept, there is no element of competition. Different implemented in the framework of its activities outside of work or study, are performed at the residence, or residence, which, in turn, it differs from the Tourism - travel to explore the world and people.

In other words, leave the city by bike will be the nature of sport where the aim is for example, a cyclist arriving soon with a group, faster than "yesterday" to a location or to overcome long distances. The pleasure trip will treat the bicycle as evidenced by a pleasant means of transport and addressing the occupations in destination such as a "picnic". On exit, the most important tourist destination will be able to admire the area but most of all modifications of the trip (route, schedule) because of the interesting places and people he met and places worth visiting.

In some contexts, it also sports physical culture, taking care of their body, enjoy the beauty of the players who worked the discipline.
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