Write an informal thank-you letter of 120 - 150 words. Use the plan to help you.

Paragraph 1

- Say thank you.Say what the present is and say something about it : What's it like? Why do you like it ? Have you used it ?

Paragraph 2
- Say what you did on the special occasion.Say what other presents you received.

Paragraph 3
- Say thank you again.

Proszę by napisała to osoba kompetentna ... głupie odpowiedzi zgłaszam jako spam .



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Sue,
I am writing to thank you for the present you have sent me. I absolutely loved it. That top takes a very important place in my heart, because it is from you. That sweater is really soft and cuddly, and it goes with my uggs I got the other day. Although I haven't used it yet, but not to worry, I am planning on wearing it when I come to visit you.

Anyway, my birhday was amazing. They made it exactly the way I wanted it to be, with huge pictures of me on walls, and lights on me all the time. I felt like a princess. Also, I got some fabulous Levi jeans from aunt Judie. They are quite similar to your ones, but with more stiches and gold ribbon on the side.

Just want to thank you again. You have really made my day. Thank you.

Bob x

Mam nadzieje ze o cos takiego chodzilo (: