Zad. 8.
2.We're never late for school.
3. They always drink tea for breakfast.
4. Samantha sometimes goes to disco.
5. I'm usually in bed at eleven o'clock.
6. We hardly ever watch TV.

Zad. 9.
2. I do sport two times a week.
3. I play tennis and volleball.
4. I play my favourite sport once a week.
5. I watch TV everyday.
6. I go out with friends two times a week.
7. I go to the cinema about once a month.
8. I like drama.

Zad. 10
1. How often do you go jogging?
- I go jogging two times a week.

2. What time do you usually get up on Saturday?
- I get up at 9 o'clock on Saturday.

3. How often do you do your homework?
- I do my homework pive times a week.

4. What do you do on Sunday?
- On Sunday I play basketball and watch Tv.

5. When do you go out with Mick?
- I go out with Mick on Saturday.

Zadanie 11

1. an
2. from
3. because
4. be
5. twice
6. life
7. gets
8. day
9. out
10. usually
11. watches
12. music
13. to
14. drinks
15. sees
16. every

Zadanie 12.

2. tidy up my room
3. do the shopping
4. throw out the rubbish
5. do the washing-up
6. make the table

Zadanie 13.
2. I tidy up my room every Saturday morning.
3. I do the shopping every Saturday afternoon.
4. I throw out the rubbish three times a week.
5. I do the washing-up once a week.
6. I never make the table.

zad. 14.
2. at
3. on
4. in
5. in
6. in

zadanie. 15
1. Mary gets up at eight o'clock everyday.
2. Lisa eats breakfast and goes to school.
3. John always goes to bed early.
4. What time do you eat lunch?
5. My friends never go to the restaurant.
6. Mark and Amy sometimes go to the swimming pool.
7. What time get up your sister? Does she often get up late?
8. What they do at evenings? They usually watch TV.
9. Steven likes to play football. So do I.
10. We wash the dish every day.

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