Assistant: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, I'm looking for (np.tops).
Assistant: What size are you?
Me: Medium.
Assistant: What colour do you want? Here are some nice ones.
Me: Thanks.
Assistant: What about this one?
Me: No, it's too short.
Friend: Oh, come on! Try it on.
Me: i'm not sure. How much is it?
Assistant: Seven pounds.
Me: Oh, all right. Can I try this one on, please?
Assistant: Sure. The changing room is over there.
A:Good morning.Can I help you ?
B:Yes,I'd like these biscuits,please.
B:And have you got any cans of cola ?
A:How many would you like ?
B:Two please.And how much are the big packets of crisps ?
A:They're one pound fifty
B:Can I have two packets,please?
A:Ok,that's four pounds seventy please
B:Here you are
A:Thank you very much

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-: Good morning, how can I help you?
-: I need some new shoes.
-: What kind of shoes?
-: I think the trainers.
-: Ok. There are some shoes.
-: How much is that?
-: 20£
-: Can I try it on?
-: Yes, of course.
-: I take them. Can I pay by credit card?
-: Sure. Thanks for shopping
-: Goodbye


-Hello.Can I help you?
-Yes,I`m looking for a pair trainers.
-What colour are you?
-I would like to a black pair or a red pair.
-What size are you?
-I`m a size 41.
-I have black trainers in sizes 36-42 and red trainers in sizes 36-42.
-Yes, red trainers please.
-Do you want to try them on?
-Yes, please.
Ok, How much is that?
-That`s 10 pounds please.
-I`ll take that.
-Yes, of course. Here you are