it's episode four great drama. a planeon an island. 48 people survive but the iskland has got some dangerous secrets.
In these scenes from tonigt's show, thesurvivours are looking for food and water in the forest . but someone, or something, is distracting them. On the beach, shannon and sayid are not sunbathing. they are talking and making plans. in my opinion this programme is interesting ang that actors are really greaat !!
Tłumaczenie na polski
Akwamaryna to morska syrena, którą ojciec - władca mórz - pragnie wydać za mąż bez miłości. Postanawia
zatem odnaleźć swego ukochanego w świecie ludzi. Syrena może przebywać na lądzie tylko w dzień, i nie może mieć wówczas styczności z wodą morską - w przeciwnym razie natychmiast zamiast nóg pojawia się rybi ogon. Rodzi to wiele zabawnych komplikacji. Nasza syrena zakochuje się w idolu miejscowych nastolatek - ratowniku Raymondzie. Zaprzyjaźnia z dwoma zwariowanymi młodziutkimi nastolatkami i poznaje świat, w którym żyją i poruszają się ludzie.
Film jest zdecydowanie familijny - można go obejrzeć zarówno z dziećmi, jak i młodszymi nastolatkami. Można przy okazji nawiązać do mitologii greckiej lub rzymskiej.

Po angielsku

Aquamarine is a sea alarm, which father - master of seas - wants to give in marriage without love. He is deciding and so to find his beloved in world of people. The The Mermaid can travel on the land only in the day, and not perhaps have contacts with the salt water then - otherwise immediately instead of legs a fishtail bit appears. These many funny complications are giving rise. Our siren is falling in love with the idol of local teenagers - lifeguard Raymond. He is making friends with two mad very young teenagers both he is getting to know world in which they live and people are moving. The film is definitely family-style - it is possible to examine him both with children, as well as younger teenagers. It is possible by the way to refer to the Greek mythology or Roman.
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The author of this text, like: the sound of the lens wysuwającego automatic camera (aka stupid Hansel), stress Jude Law and sandwiches in the Corner Café in the Main Square in Krakow do not like: buzzing flies, aggressive old men in the means of transportation and the "empty" messages on the answering telephone. Perhaps readers may be a bit surprised (if not indignant) such outpourings of the author, but she hurries to explain that immodestly considered it more interesting than another trite (which does not mean unfounded) of one of praise, you can confidently say the funniest films of recent years - " Amelia Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The author understands, however, that the proverbial fig readers can celebrate the tastes and they expect a concrete and professional reviews.