You are an exchange student.write an email to a friend about your new flatmate.
-tell your friend what your flatmate is like.
- give reasons why you are happy/not happy with your flatmate.
-ask your friend to write to you.
blagam pomozcie ! :))



Dear Karen,
As you know, I'm in the US for the student exhange. Here is absolutely awesome, but my flatmate is horrible and I can't stand her!

Her name is Joshi and she comes from Japan. She can't speak English, so there is no possibility to communicate with her in any way. Moreover she is so, so messy! Her dirly socks and pants lie everywhere (for example under the sofa in the living room and in the sink!). She comes back home very late every day and she is usualy drunk, so she wakes me up every time, what drives me crazy! But the worst is the fact, that she doesn't take shower often enough and she just stinks! Ugh!

I don't know what to do with her, but I can't imagine living with her for whole 9 months. Write soon and give me some advise, before I kill her!