Zad1.Anna jest architektem .Jest godzina pierwsza i Anna jest w swoim biurze.Odpowiedz na pytanie dotyczące jej pracy na podstawie załczonego listy.

07:30 tidy up for this evening's dinner party
08:30 arrive at office
09:00 read notes for planning meeting
10:30 check email
11:00 answer email
12:00 phone Sydney office
12:55 have a coffee and ring Roland
1)She doesn't need to read her notes for this afternoon's planning meeting.Why?
2)She doesn't need to check her email.Why?
3)She dosen't need to answer her email.Why?
4)The office in Syndney isn't expecting her to call.Why?
5)She dosen't went a coffee.Why?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Because she has done it at 9.00
2. Because she has done it at 10:30
3.Because she has done it at 11:00
4.Because Anna has phoned her office at 12;00
5.Because She has gone a coffe 5 minutes before

albo jeżeli traktujemy listę jak timetable

1.Because she usually does it at 9;00
2.Because she usually does it at 10;30
3.Because she usually does it at 11;30
4.Because Anna usually phones her at 12;00
5.Because Anna usually goes a coffe at 12;55
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