Uzupełnij zdania, wpisując odpowiednie wyrazy w miejsca kropek:
1. Would you like ice cream...?
2. Please ... your seat belts.
3. Suddenly, the plane began to lose ... . Something was wrong with the engine.
4. ... Jenny and Lucy watching a film last night when you rang?
5. Mary lost her ... and asked a policeman for directions to the station.
6. Sandy was ... a shower when I rang.
7. ... I use your bathroom, Mrs Jones?
8. He felt ... when the doctor said that his mother's injury wasn't serious.
9.The sun was very hot. It was ... our skin.
10.The phone is ringing. Can you please ... it?
11. I'm going to meet Harry at the train ... .
12. It was very difficult to ... the plane safely because of the bad weather.

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Dam najj.!



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9zamiast was to chyba bedzie wasn't
10 call?