match the sentences on the left with the correct response
trzeba dopasować przykład 1b itp
1) he likes sport
2)I'll show you round
3)They don't live here
4)You're not late
5)I run every day
6)They-re from Scotland
7)He isn't working
8)You're wrong

a)Will you?
b)Does he?
c)Am I?
d)Are they?
e)Don't they?
f)Do you?
g)Aren't I?
h)Ins't he?

Choose the correct word?
wybierz jedną odpowiedz oddzielona kreską /
1.'I'm seventeen' Are/Do you
2.'Stor's an actress' Is/Does she?
3.'She doesn,t live in Ireland' Isn't/Doesn't she?
4.'Uncle Ed's retired' Is/Does he?
5.'You're not on duty tomorrow' Aren't/Don't?
6.'The kids always enjoy the camp' Are/Do they?
7.'They don't usually want to go home' Aren't/Don't they?



Ad1. 1B 2A 3 E 4G 5F 6D 7H 8C
1.' Are
2.' Does she?
3.'Doesn't she?
4.Does he?
6.'Do they?
7.'Don't they?