Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jhon

How are you? I hope you're all right. I'm fine.
You know my sister "Margaret" she is going to get married. She would like to invite you for her wedding, Which will take place on 12th June in The Crown Hotel. The Crown Hotel is easy to find, go down Hampton Road and then turn left into Maple Street. The Crown Hotel is at the end of the street. All of our friends are comming there will be about 50 people all together. We are going to have a big buffet and a Dj. Let me know if you want me to book a room for you.

I hope you will give me answer as soon as possible. See you soon.


ex 44
A we are having a great party- because it is in present continous that means now.
D the house is cold in winter - because it is in a hotel and it is making the people not to come.

ex 43
1) My friend is going to read this letter
2)I think this letter is informal because formal is to the goverment, council etc.
3)I think i should include 3 paragraphs.
4)capital letters and full stops.