I am describing my dream house which I would like to have in the future. He should have 4 four rooms and to be on a hill. I would like so that a beautiful garden surrounds him. I want this house to be very beautiful. In my opinion my digs must be situated on top of a hill on, which silence and the peace are prevailing with. I would like so that the interior of the house tastefully is furnished by the interior designer. Walls of rooms painted with paints about warm colours. I want the corridor of my one-storey house so that he is dressed up into plants, images from famous painters. A swimming pool should be in an inside of the house. in which every day I would sail. I would be pleased very much if rooms were furnished with beautiful furniture of beech wood. I want beds and divan beds so that they are of my favourite colour? blue. Very much I will be satisfied if my dream will come true to have the so beautiful house. I think that I will be in it very happy.