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Hi Mike i want to tell u something about my favourite sport -basketball.Basketball is very popular in USA ,Lithuania, Spain and in Russia.In Poland its 3rd of the most fascinating sports.Basketball is very dynamic.If u want play basketball u should be tall and u must can hight jump.The best league is NBA.I think that the best basketballer is Kobe Bryant who plays for Los Angeles Lakers , he isnt a tall (just 1,98cm) but he is very fast ,he has also a hight jump and he can do fantastic slam dunks.You should watch more basketball matches.Its fantastic sport .

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Hi Mike! I write to you because I want to tell you about my favorite sport. My favorite sport is football. I like it because I love everything with ball ! I like t-shitrs with numbres and shorts. In my school I'm the best in p.e( phisical education ). My friends are good at football but not better than me. I wait for your letter.
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