Oto zadanie, ułóż po 2 zdania z każdym z wyrażeń:

* to find out who was responsible for doing sth bad
* to deny doing sth bad
* to invite sb
* to ask sb to do sth
* to accuse sb of doing sth bad
* to inform sb
* to advise sb to do sth
* to order sb to do sth

Z każdym po 2 zdania...
Czekam na pomoc, pozdrawiam !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I found out that Alex was responsible for stealing my wallet.
I just found out that Brian was responsible for attacking them.

Casee denied cheating on him.
Gabriel denied stealing my book.

My firend invited me to her party.
Mr. Fabio ivites me to visit Italy.

I asked her to wash the dishes.
I asked him if there's any spaces left.

They accused me of cheating on the test.
She accused Christina of killing Gabriel.

We inform all the students about the senior meeting.
She informed her mom about the exam's result.

I advise you to talk to him!
They advised me not to go to a party.

He ordered her to clean the house.
We ordered them to leave the room.