Myslę że chodzi o going to
1. I'm going to go to the mountains next summer.
2. She's going to read this book.
3. He isn't going to fly to USA.
4. Why are you going to married?
5. When are they going to tell about it?
6. Are you going to win this competition?
7. We aren't going to do our homework.
8. My sister isn't going do housework.
9. I'm going to go to the cinema.
10. Where are you going to spend next holiday?
1.I am not going to meet my friends in the evening
2.We aren't going to go shopping
3.He isn't going to drink tea
4.What are you going to buy?
5.Where are they giong to fly plane?
6.When is she going to clear hej room?
7.Are you going to read this book?
8.I'm going to have a pizza at dinner
9.She is going to dance
10.You're going to do your homework

Mam nadzieje ze o coś takiego chodziło
1. I am going to the cinema.
2. She is going to the sports center.
3. He is going to school.
4. They are going swimming.
5. We are going work.
6. I am not going to school today.
7. Are you going to the library ?
8. She isn't going to dance club.
9. Are they going to work ?
10. He is going to bed.