Siemka :)
Potrzebuję pomocy. Napiszcie mi po angielsku według planu poniżej wymyślone przeżycie/doznanie. Pilnie potrzebuje to na jutro ;)
Write about your imaginary experience.

Writing plan:
Paragraph1: Before the incident.
Last Sunday I was ...
Paragraph 2: Description of the incident.
Suddenly, ...
Paragraph 3: After the incident.
Afterwards ...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last Saturday I was on the beach with my friend Patryk. There was perfect weather. There wasn`t much people. Everything was good.
Suddenly, it started to rain. The sea changed to a beast. There was an enormous stor. That was terrible! I was really scarried. We ran to the home.
Afterwards, we knew that was the most terrible in our lifes. I will never go on the beach again.