Write sentetnces using the II'nd Conditional based in these imaginary present situations

Example: If i didn't likecooking, i wouldn't work as achiefin a restaurant
- i like cooking so i work as a chief in a restaurant
-I dont think I'll win the race so I probably won't get the prize.
-There is very little time left so we can't go on foot
-I'm very tall so I play in the school basketball team
Imagine we go on expedtion to Mount Everest- everyone will admire us

Use the cues below to write II conditional sentences

If Ididn't have a computer ,I wouldn't use the Internet

1.if/not have computer/not use the Internet
2. If/win lottery /buy a new compute
3 if/play computer games/ not be a good student
4 go to tibet /if /have money
5 if/be a computerexpert /earn a lot of money
6. make new friends/if/use internet



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If I didn`t win the race I wouldn`t get prize

If I didn`t have very little time I would go on foot

If I wasn`t very tall I wouldn`t play in the school basketball team

If we go on expedition to Mount Everest everyone `ll admire us

If I didn`t win lottery I wouldn`t buy a new computer.

If I play computer games I won`t be a good student

I`ll go to tibet if I have a money

If I am a computerexpert I`ll earn a lot of money

I`ll make new friends if I use internet