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The story of the ghost

I remember that day, literally as if it were yesterday. I remember it was November, but not the first, but then somehow, perhaps 14 or maybe 17, certainly was not later, because 21 I have a birthday in November, so it is easy to associate me that this story happened a little sooner. As always, dressed cried the dog, he approached the evening and I knew that necessarily we must go for an evening stroll .- Oh dear. Of course, that you should wear a muzzle, and I will reflect further on some other form of discipline, if you will not be holding his tongue on the reins .... She smiled as was customary, when any attempt to initiate discussions condemned to failure.

I fasten So leash he heard through the windows, the wind is carrying out a race of leaves, which steals from the trees.

Called to the elevator. When you waited until arrive ... So it probably was the first time I had the feeling that someone behind me melt and carefully to me watching. Of course it was impossible, because behind me was only recently depicted the wall of the staircase. After a while the elevator appeared. I opened the door, let the dog and shoved the ground floor. On the fourth floor, got on to me, our neighbor.

- Good evening - I said.

- Good evening - replied Mrs. Smolarkowa - at this time for a walk? And this even in this weather? The wind blows as if someone hung ...

- Well ... I have to move out of the dog. After so long on it, I waited and I promised to him care of ...

Mrs. Smolarkowa just shook her head, but it was clear that liked it, my attitude.

Park behind the house, greeted us with snow and rain, which, tossed by the wind, angrily broke up under his jacket, and at any price he wanted to break the hood from his head. Then regretted that no I had put into trousers tights and took the cap - it was terribly cold. I thought even that might just let the dog settle quickly and return home, but I knew that it would conduct unfair. We walked the park avenue avoiding the puddles and mud by bicycles gravel mixed with sand. I was sure that nobody but me is in the area, but again I felt wearing a strange look. Now I was sure that Somebody give me a look, after all, behind the backs did not have walls and empty space. Abruptly turned around, but saw only the docking of distant car. So I went away, but for sure I took off my dog's muzzle - I knew that it did not meet the Municipal Police and the presence of Dżekiego, which is after all a large and powerful dog adds me courage. When I passed the old elm near hills, corner of my eye I saw some movement. Dzeki suddenly bristled hair and began to growl. I stopped and slowly turned his head towards where I saw the word turmoil leaves, which could be caused by wind.

An almost fainted.

In fact, the next I can remember is that I come before him, paying no attention to the mud and puddles, the dog runs beside me and the wild barks, and that pierces my other thing look. I did not know whether this pale boy with a head wrapped in a heavily blood-stained bandage us chasing or running away just before the wind, but in this situation was not important to me. I knew and something else - that I have as soon as possible to find a home where I will be safe and where it will be much more light. Along the way, I passed some people who have something to me, cried out, but I can not say what because they do not stopped even for a moment. After a few seconds I was already in a safe stairwell, a moment and lift, then nervously pressed the button of my floor, and begged all the powers, so that the elevator was going faster than usual. I had to be very nervous, because my mother, who throughout the day was for me very bad - happened to me to get three from the Polish - hugged me and told each other everything several times to tell. A moment she wondered if considering whether to me to tell a story ...

- You do not need anything, Honey, I fear. I personally never met, but Mrs. Smolarkowa and Mr. Wasacz told me that they had seen him several times. It is the spirit of the little boy, whose house was located on that very hill. His parents were very poor people and not dealt with his son. One day, someone has visited other thing gloomy place - it turned out that both were dead and the child is in critical condition. Did not help fast medical assistance - the boy died several hours in the hospital for Tamka.

- Mom, if you want me to say that ...

- No, Ann, there is nothing I want to say. For me, much more important is that you will be healthy and be able tomorrow to go to school, because something seems to me that someone here begins to have quite a fever ... and again will be three of the Polish ...

I eat drug "POLOPIRYNA" and lay on the bed. A long time I could not sleep, I always thought the trim everything that happened to me while walking the dog. And only when it came dzeki and spread, as always, near the entrance, I knew that I could feel secure. I do not know why, but when the morning I got up to school, my bedside lamp was still lit.

- Just do not forget scarf and muzzle - I heard.

- Mom, you can not claim that I should wear a muzzle ... I know I look scary since I go to karate, but to so ... - "I said.

At the moment I saw my mother coming down the stairs to the room. She laughed.That was the last time he ever saw them.
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