Zadaj po 5 pytań do tekstu poniżej ( od niu harrego):

harry usually gets up at 7 o'clock when his alarm clock goes off.then he gets up after about fifteen minutes and goes a shower. He always has breakfast bacause it's good for him! Harry goes to school at about 8.30 and works hard all morning! he doesnt have school dinnes. he usually takes sandwitches. He goes home at about 2 o clock. He does his domework and then he watches tv.He has dinner at about 6pm. He sometimes sees his friends in the evenings, but he usually stays at home. He goes to bed at about 10.30.



1.About the Harry gets up?
2.What do you get Harry?
3.To which Harry goes to school?
4.What time does the lesson end?
5.What goes to sleep?
1. What time Harry gets up.?
2.What Harry eat in school usualy.?
3.What time he goes home.?
4. What Harry do after school.?
5. What time he goes to sleep.?