Napisz 10 zdan na temat telefonu komórkowego.
najważniejsze rzeczy w tym zawatre maja byc: ile ważył kto go odkrył, w któryk roku sie to stało i ile bylo na początku uzytkowinków. najprosciej jak sie da
prosze wazne. oczywiscie po angielsku i ma byc 10 zdan a nie 5 czy ile. ma byc 1o ;p



The first device, which in a certain manner reminiscent of the phone, the phone was filamentous. It was a kind of toy, which was known already in ancient China. There were two cups, connected to each thread and which allowed the conversation to the distance between two people. The device, which could be called a prototype phone built by Antonio Meucci in 1857 that he could communicate with a sick wife when he was in his workshop. Unfortunately, he could afford to pay for the patent on the device...
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The first phone was uncovered in 1956 by the Swedish Ericcson.Phone company weighed 40 kilogrammes. There were very little users. These phones were very much yeast.Cena was comparative to car. There were no people to stand to buy these devices. analogowe.Networks existed in old phones they resembled with case.Shape later bricks. From the year for the year became more and more light.