Katarzyna Kowalska properly (June 13, 1973 in Sulejowek) - Polish singer, composer and lyricist of songs.

Adventure with music started in the team of Robert Amiri - Evergreen. Then came the bands co-operation with Human, Fate, Breasts, Hetman and Talking Pictures, which even recorded a CD. Breakthrough in the singer's career was a concert at Stodola Club in Warsaw in 1993 - it was there that her boss noticed Izabelin Studio - Catherine Chancellor.

September 12, 1994 saw the release on the market titled debut album Kasi Gemini (Latin for twins), then the singer went on a long tour with Edyta Bartosiewicz. Subsequent singles from the CD - Religion, How to, Here am I, Who can give it - became hits, and made the Gemini reached triple platinum status.

In 1995 Kate decided to perform at a festival in Sopot, with the song "And what am I". The song quickly became a hit, winning both the Grand Prix Festival and the Audience Award. Very soon hit the headlines, which was a big challenge for her.

20 November 1995 concert album came out differently, which is the registration number of concerts Kasi. Within a month, this album received platinum status, but today this album is "double platinum".

The year 1996 brought new challenges vocalist. The track "I want to know his sin" ( "Why should I"), represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Took 14th place.

In the same year she recorded a song for the soundtrack disney'owskiego animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The film is done as a prayer Esmeralda.

September 30, 1996 appeared as early as 3 album of the artist, titled Waiting for the ..., which was a Greek manufacturer Kostek Yoriadis. Album was promoted by the singles "Something optimistic" and "Yes I Hold You," and then a huge tour, sponsored by Casio. Waiting for ... achieved platinum status. After the release of 3 CDs in just 3 years Kate has decided to take a rest from music. Having received an offer from Maciej Dutkiewicz played the drug addict in the film Monica Fri Graffiti night. On the soundtrack to the film's premiere was the song - "I've lost your common sense."

May 2, 1997 the world came "a bit of luck" Kasia and Yoriadisa Cube - daughter of Alexander Julia.

In 1997, Kate and cube has recorded a duet song titled "If you want to be loved:. It was the last of their joint project, because the couple will soon be parted. When Ola grown up, Kate returned to the studio, and the result of her work record was delivered on 8 Full concerns June 1998 album, which reached platinum status, promoted singles: "What can bring a new day" (awarded with a statuette of Frederick), "Throw away this anger", "full of fear" and - dedicated to daughter - "You are a little bit of luck."

She was not ready to release the next album in 1999, because November 8, 1999 appeared in the special edition Complete concerns. The album included a song previously released only on singles: "And what am I," "I know your sin," "I've lost your sense" and "Ave Maria" and the premiere, "What may come."

Kate returned to the scene in 2000 with a completely new look on stage. November 13, 2000 year on the Polish market hit record 5, preceded by the single "Nobody". Already one month after the release of this album has been certified gold, then appeared more singles: "To be so close" and "I like".

In 2001, Kate appeared at the Festival in Opole with the premiere song words is enough. Superjedynkę also received the best rock record - just 5 At the end of 2001, the singer was nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards for "Best Polish artist" - received the award.

Barry Manilow performed as a support for the concerts in Poland, Sting and Robert Plant. As the only Polish artist was invited to the premiere recording songs for an album devoted to Ayrtonowi Sennie - so was the hit single "forever".

October 14, 2002 band released their sixth album Kasia - Antidote, promoted by the singles "antidote" and "Pepper and Salt" - the record also contains earlier songs: "Enough of words" and "forever". Album quickly became the gold and platinum. In interviews, often raining question - an antidote ... for what?

In 2003, Kate participated in the RMF FM radio campaign aimed at combating piracy. At a special board, which the price was only 9.99 PLN, singer recorded two songs: "I saw your face" (oryg. "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette) and the "lesser evil" (oryg. "All by myself" Celine Dion) .

26 July 2004, the station hit music song Fri "This is good" - Kate returned to the style of years ago, again had a long, straight hair. The music gave up electronics. In August 2004 she moved to Tokyo for a photo shoot for their 7 album.

September 13, 2004 released the seventh album by Kasia Kowalska - Lonely in the big city (today's gold record), promoted by "That is good," "Lead Me" and "house of cards." On the 10th anniversary of singer's career has prepared a surprise for the fans - 6 December 2004 to hit stores a special collector's edition of the Lonely and the City, which included the single "Magic of Christmas" with video of Kasia stay in Tokyo.

2005 years has brought vocalist Superjedynkę the best rock record - alone in the big city.

February 13, 2005 She gave her official website (www.kasiakowalska.pl) under the wings of the Mail Center Kasia Kowalska - its central fan.

Current Kasia Kowalska concert band is: Michael Grymuza (guitar, production), Wojtek Olszak (keyboards), Wojtek Pilichowski (bass), George, Runowski (bass) Radek Owczarz (drums). Other musicians who have played with include Kate Piekarek Sebastian (guitar), Krzysztof Patocka (drums), Charlie Garner (drums).

December 16, 2006 for the radio hit new song by Kasia, "Why does not" promote the Polish film of the same name, whose premiere is planned for January - February 2007.

June 24, 2008 the world came to Kasi's son Ignatius:)

November 10 2008. was a premiere of the latest album of Kasia Kowalska, "Antepenultimate. Promotes CD single "And you, what do you want?
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