Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
  • Użytkownik Zadane
One year when I spent holidays with his grandmother in Bielsko - white, we decided to go his sister River. It was wonderful. Kąpałyśmy in cold water and everything foretold that this day will remember for the rest of his life. That is what happened. When you play in the water, he sat me on the forehead insect. Machnęłam hand to dispel it. I did not know that it will have its consequences. The next morning I got up and saw that I see wrong. I looked into the mirror and scared. It turned out that the whole face had swollen. Sister laughed at me, I looked like a koala bear. Grandmother as she saw me she fainted. When stirred took me to the hospital. There, I got an injection and a prescription for an antibiotic. Round the following week I was in bed. The sun was shining so beautifully and I was not allowed to go out into the garden. I was so sorry. Today, this adventure is laugh.