Z jakimkolwiek?
więc są 4 okresy to z każdym napiszę po 2 a z najpopularniejszym 1st 4.

1.If you heat water to 100 degrees Celcius, it boils.
2.If you don't eat, you die.
3.If the weather is fine on Saturday, we'll go for a long walk.
4.It won't work if you don't put batteries into it.
5.I think if I read this book I'll pass the exam.
6.We'll do it for you if you promise not to tell anyone about that.
7.If I were younger I'd get that job.
8.If I were you I would never buy this CD.
9.If she had known that she wouldn't have done that.
10.They would have missed their train if they hadn't taken a taxi to get to the station.