Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My room at the hotel is a bit basic but it`s OK. The wall are cream and there are some patterned curtains at the window. Under the window ther`s a bed with a red and yellow checked duvet. I keep my cassete player on the table opposite thebed. There`s a brown bookcase next to the bed some books in it. Above the bed there`s a window and in the corner the room there`s a wardobe. Between the windowand the wardobe there`s a purple armchair. In front of the wardobe there`s a radiator and next to the radiator there`s a desk with a lamp on it. Near the desk there`s a waspaper bin and there`s a green chair nrxt to it. There`s a poster on the wall and there`s a noticeboard above the desk. There`s a mirror behind the vase on the bookcase. Oh, I forgot, there`s also a plain brown capet on the floor and a rug between the bed and the table.