Napisz pytania w czasie Present Continuous.
1.A. Carla's talking on the telephone.
B. Who ... to?
2.a. I'm going out.
b. Where...?
3.a. I'm not having a good time.
b. Why ...?
4.a. We're writing.
b .What...?
5. a.Kate's playing volleyball.
b. Where ...?
6. a. Lucy and Nate are staying with friends
b. Who .... with?
7.a. He's going on holiday alone
b. Why .... aith his family?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Who is talking on the phone?
where are you going?
why are you haven`t good time?
What are you writing?
Where is she playing ?
who are they staying with?
why isn`t he going without his family,
5 4 5
B)Who talking to ?
2b.Where going to ?
3b.why having a good time?
4b.What we're writing
5b.where playing voleyball
6b.who lucy and nate are staying
7b.why he's going aith his family

Chyba tak :))
5 3 5