Będzie list do koleżanki
Dear Kate!!
Hey . How are you? Are you healthy?/ In this letter I'm going to descibe Hannah my new friend.
Hannah is quite tall, he has the long straight blonde hair. For her eyes are blue and she has small nose. We walk together for the shopping and to the cinema, as well as we are meeting in our houses . Hannah is very nice, cool and very funny. Going to walks often we are laughing out loud. Very great spend time together, but it's not the same with you. As a rule very much a mile is Hannah, but he is able to be also malicious. In it the most I don't like it.
It's all for now.
Geeretings ....... ( twoje imię)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Kasia road. Week ago came to our class a new girl. Her name is Andrea and comes from the UK. It is tall and slim. He has long black curly hair and big eyes funny. Her clothes are very colorful and modern. It is very pleasant and helpful. It helps us in the difficult task of Polish. When something does not mean we are patiently explained. It is very brave, sociable and not afraid to meet new people at our school. He likes basketball, football and volleyball. Tells us about his old school and friends and England. After all it is a modest person who does not like to boast that he hath. When I visit know Andree and see what is great.