Jake Sully is the new hero beautyfull film : " Avatar " . He live in the Pandora . He's bigger than a people . Her color skin is a blue . He have got a long black hair and a long tail . He don't wear clothes .
Tłumaczenie :
Jake Sully jest nowym bohaterem filmu : " Avatar " . Żyje on na Pandorze . Jest on większy od ludzi . Ma on niebieski kolor skóry . Ma on długie czarne włosy i długi ogon . Nie nosi on ubrań .
Jake Sully is a veteran paralysed from the waist down. After death of one's twin brother and on account of the same DNA receives the proposal of the work in frameworks of the programme of Avatar, led on the moon of gas giant in the arrangement Centauri Alpha – for Pandora, inhabited by the race humanoidalnych Na'vi. From their DNA crossed with the DNA of people bodies called avatars are being bred. The human controller can remotely steer such a body and smell it alone, of 'that' avatar. On Pandora Jake is staying thrown into the middle of escalating conflict among strangers from the Earth but Na'vi, living in a profound sympathy with the nature