Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Kate!
How are you? How is feeling Suzi?
I'm having a great time in Gdańsk. The weather is wonderful. I'm staying at a beautiful hotel near sea. Yesterday I met amazing boy- Tom. He has 17 years old and is very handsome. We are spending more time together. Today we are going to club. Tomorrow we are going to shopping.
I think I'm looking him for all my life!
I want kiss him...
Love so much,


Dear Kate!
I’ so happy to be here in Gdańsk for my weekend. The weather is fantastic. I’m staying at the historical hotel near sea. At the moment I’m drinking hot chocolate and writing this letter for you.
Gdańsk is a beautiful city! Everywhere are many small shops. The food is delicious. I like eating fish and seafood.
Today I’m going to beach.
I think you should come here next weekend. I’m sure you would love it!
Love, Mary