Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Expensive - drogi
expensive -> more expensive -> the most expensive
Clothes in this shop are expensive.

comfortable - wygodny
comfotrable -> more comfortable -> the most comfortable
This armchair is really comfortable.

dangerous - niebezpieczny
dangerous -> more dangerous -> the most dangerous
Snakes are dangerous.

Safe - bezpieczny
safe -> safer -> the safest
Don't worry, it is safe.

Popular - popularny
popular -> more popular -> the most popular
Lady Gaga is the most popular star now.

Attractive - atrakcyjny
attractive -> more attractive -> the most attractiv
I think Brad Pitt is more attractive than Orlando Bloom.

Cheap - tani
cheap -> cheaper -> the cheapest
Apples are cheaper than oranges.

Quiet - cicho
quiet -> more quiet -> the most quiet (w tym przypadku nie jestem zupełnie pewna)
Be quiet, it's library !

Dirty - brudny
dirty -> more dirty -> the most dirty
Please, wash this dirty dishes.

Careful - ostrożny
careful -> more careful -> the most careful
Be careful, walking in the mountains isn't safe.

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