Jesteś na wakacjach gdzies w Polsce.Napisz kartkę do Tob'ego lub Amy.

*Where are you?

*Who are you staying with?

*What's the weather like?

*What are you doing?
Pomocy kto rozwąze naj szybciej jest poprostu mistrzem świata!!!;D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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here the sea is very good. Morning walk on the baltic sea and swim. And you feel like you, and what you do all day? It is a pity that you're not because it is super. Yours toby

Hi Amy,
I'm in Poland, in Bialystok city. I'm at my grandmother house with my cousins. It's sunny and warm. I like it. We are playing football, vollyball or going to the cinema.
Hi Amy!
I am in Gdańsk with my dad,mum,sister and brothers.Weather is like sunny and hot.Every morning I go to beach with brothers.Then I go shopping with my sister.
to tyle,ile wiem. pozdro(3