Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- well organized
- responsible
- good team player
- effect oriented

Date of birth: Dec/30/1979
Place of birth: Tomaszow Mazowiecki
Gender: male
Marital status: single
2000- current Technical University of Warsaw Warsaw
Faculty of Electronic and Computer Science
main: Telecommunications
(master thesis related to cryptography,
supervisor: dr hab. Andrzej Paszkiewicz)
1994-1999 Electronic Technical School Tomaszow Maz.
main: Computer systems
• Ability to work in fast pace, effect oriented, English speaking environment
• Programming: C, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Assembler
• Well familiar with OpenSSL, MFC, NTL and cryptographical algorithms
• Windows, Linux and Unix at administrative level
• Ability to read English documentation
• Familiar with radio and network data transmission (GSM, UMTS, TV, radio, TCP/IP)

Jul.01.2003 - Aug.31.2003 Practice in Polish Telecommunications S.A.
• Individual clients service (selling products and services)
• helpdesk

list motywacyjny
Accenture work offer
Ref. No. 05/PR/GRA/03

Your work offer, that I saw in the internet, intrigued me very much, because work in IT is adequate to my education, skills and future career plans.

During my studies - especially during writing my masters thesis - I had an opportunity to familiarize myself with many of programming techniques (e.g. C, C++, Java, SQL) algorithmic and optimalizations issues. Abilities such as analytical thinking, fast learning and accurate conclusions should be very useful for a worker in a company like Accenture.

I am a young, ambitious and flexible person with a lot of interpersonal skills. Fast pace, effect oriented and extracting continues gains of qualifications work, it is a challenge that I hope to match.

If you are interested with my offer, I am ready for personal meeting to fully present myself.

Yours sincerely,