Błagam kogoś o pomoc! Trzeba napisać o swojej ulubionej książce. (tytuł, o czym jest, główni bohaterowie, kto ją napisał...)

Po kolei:
1. Tutuł.
2. autor
3. Kiedy została napiana.
4. O czym jest.?
5. Główni bohaterowie.
6 Czy podoba nam się ta książka czy nie.

Błagam kogoś.! Zadanie ma być w formie notatki. Oczywiście po angielsku.
Potrzebuję na zaraz .



1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
2. Mark Twain
3. 1986
4. about life, problems and ingenuity of the boy.
5. Thomas Sawyer, Huck Finn
6. so I liked, I think it is remarkable
1 1 1
My favourite book is " A little princess".Frances Eliza Burnett writed it in 1916 year.This book is about little girl,who lives in Miss' Minchin hotel.When she is 11 years old, her dad died.Then she is clener and teacher of french. This book is nice.I like it.
1) Teutonic Knights 2) Henryk Sienkiewicz 3) for the first time in the magazine "illustrated Weekly" in years 1897 - 1900, and in the bookish form in 1900 4) the victorious Battle of Grunwald, introduced as the triumph of the Polish-Lithuanian weapon is a Culmination of the novel. He is talking about adventures of Polish noblemen, that is what noblemen were really how at one time knighting looked itp... This book was written on the basis of the image of Jan Matejko and many used words contain the Middle Ageses 5 in times) Danusia Jurandówna Jagienka from Zgorzelic Jurand around Spychowa Maćko around Bogdańca Zbyszko around