Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There are 2 months and I can't wait until holiday. My dream for holiday is to go to some warm countries. I'd like to also go to England. My friend suggested me to go to Munich. He says thats very nice place to visit. It's difficult to choose, but I decided to go to England. I am checking now to see intresting places there. First of all I would like to go to Thrope Park There's rollercoasters. The latest one is called ,,Saw". Its very scary. There are many secret surprises.I also like ,,Stealth"it's the fastest and the highest in Europe. Except Thorpe Park I am going to visit my friend in Cornwall. There are beatiful views. we are going to see pleanty of clifs, beaches. One day we are going for fishing in the Atlantic. We are going there by boat. I'd love to play beach voleyball. My friend prefers basketball. It is not possible to play basketball on the beach. So I'm winning. Haha. There are too many surfers. You can see them anywhere in Cornwall. May I try this activity as well. We are going to try some national food which is there. We are going for disco's in the evnings. I am going to take part in the quad bike competition. Maybe I win something. Next place to visit is London. There are a lot of museums. In London are very old and newest buildings. We are going on London Eye. This is a very famous place. Some people even get married there. You can see big part of London when you are on the top. We are going to the Hyde Park. Squirels come up to people. They eat even from their hands. I want to go by boat through the River Thames. I am sure this holiday will be great. My decision is go to England because my pen friend invited me there. He told me about this plan. I'm sure it's good decision.
Next holiday I'm going to invite him to Poland. I hope I can make as good holiday for him as he is doing for me.