Szybka pomoc daje naj z góry dzieuję ;*
napisz krótki e- mail do przyjaciela o swoich wakacjach skorzystaj z pytań pomocniczych:
- when? last year/ summer/ month
-weather? not good/ Ok/ wonderful
-swimming pool or beach? great/ not very nice
- hotel or restaurant? good food/ not very good food

Bd wdzięczna za szybką odpowiedź i napewno bd naj i rev



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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Hi Paweł
Tanks for your e-mail.
I would like to ask you a few questions but it later.
At first I would like for you to describe how I spent my holidays.
So durying holiday I was cycling with my friends to beaches. We playing a volleyball and beach ball .
I got to know many friends. I spend with theam nicely time. I still playing a computer games and I surfing the internet.
this way I spent my holidays.
How did you spend your holiday? what you did and where you were.
I am interesting what plans you have for the nearest months .
It is a pity that holidays already ended. I regrets that it is necessary to go to the school.
I am greeting you and I am waiting for your response.

Greetings from England!
Speaking English all day is good for me but very timing. You can see the Thames from our hotel . Tomorrow we’re seeing Hampton Court , we have a boat trip as well . Food is alright . We had a superd pizza in Soho last night. Seeing Phanton of the Opera tonight . London has so many theatres ! Hoperfully , see you all in two weeks.

MAm nadzięję , zę pomogłam ;P
dasz daj .?