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Zaznacz prawidłowe:
1.The first British newspaper,They Daily Courant,..a)... in London's Fleet Street in 1702.
-a)is published
-b)was published
-c)has been published

2.Until the 1980s,nearly all Britain's biggest newspapers ..... in Fleet Street.
-a)are produced
-b)have been produced
-c)were produced

3.In the past,British newspaper production .... by the printers'unions .
-a)is controlled
-b)have been controlled
-c)was controlled

4.The Sun,Britain's biggest selling tabloid, .... in 1969 by News Corporation.
-a)is started
-b)was started
-c) has been started

5.The Times ..... by News Corporation since 1981.
a)is owned
b)was owned
c) has been owned

6.In 2005 ,more than 170 newspapers .... by News Corporation in different parts of the world.

a)are owned
b)have been owned
c) were owned

7.Fifteen thousand people ...News Corporation in different parts of the word.

a)are employed by
b)employed by
c)were worked for

8.Forty miion newspapers...worldwilde by News Corporation every week.

a)are printed
b)have been printed
c)were printed

9.Do you know how many newspapers.... in India today?

a)are published
b)have been published(the answer is more than 5,000-in more than 1,000 languages)
c)were published



2. -b)have been produced
3. -c)was controlled
4. -b)was started
5. c) has been owned
6. c) were owned
7. a)are employed by
8. a)are printed
9. a)are published