We are in London on bus station number 4 . Near is London Eye . We can go there for 20 Euro .
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* London Eye
Ferris wheel - one of the major sights of London - rises to a height of 150 meters and offers spectacular views of the whole of London. Nearest underground stations: Embankment, Waterloo, Westminster.

* Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds [40]

An attractive collection of wax figures depicting people entertainment, royal family, athletes and characters who influenced the destiny of the world - next to Beyonce, Tom Cruise can be seen here The English Queen, Pope John Paul II and Fidel Castro, or Szrek. However, the attractions of wax figures do not end - the effect is very Spirit of London taxis, which shows us the history of the city from medieval times to today. At the end of the chamber, we fear, and a film presentation in the planetarium. Admission costs £ 24, just before closing, you can buy tickets for half the price - then create a queue of typically 30-45 minutes. Nearest Underground: Baker Street.

View of the Canary Wharf and Naval Museum in Greenwich
View of the Canary Wharf and Naval Museum in Greenwich

* Canary Wharf [41]

A new area of London built on the site of the former docks - the seat of banks and financial institutions. A seemingly quiet, green district teeming with life underground, where there is a huge shopping mall connecting the majority of the skyscrapers. Nearest Underground: Canary Wharf, the district crosses the line of duty here dlr stops every few hundred meters.

* Covent Garden

historic district of shops and theaters - in the central part of halls are similar to Krakow cloth. Nearest subway stations: Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Charring Cross.

* Leicester Square

directly from the square, there are several cinema complexes, which held the greatest movies play - often in the evening you can meet here the crowds waiting for the appearance of stars. Nearest tube stations: Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Charring Cross.

* Piccadilly Circus

one of the favorite meeting place for Londoners, located at the junction of two subway lines and several bus lines - also called the gateway to the West End. When the square is a big shopping center Trocadero [42], and therefore close to the cinemas of Leicester Square. Piccadilly Circus is also known by advertising light located on the north western corner of the square. Nearest Underground: Piccadilly Circus.

* Trafalgar Square

Square to commemorate the victorious Battle of Trafalgar with Nelson's column. In the square are the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. It contains a kilometer zero, from which measured the distance in London. Since 2000 there spaces controversial ban on feeding pigeons. Nearest subway stations: Charring Cross.
Hello and welcome to our tour in london,now here you can see Big Ben on the left side,on the right you can see the londons eye,then we have the house of parlament.its all gone cost aproximatley £120 pound for this hole trip.