Wstaw czasowniki z nawiasów w odpowiedniej formie czasu Present Continuous ,Future Simple lub z wyrażeń be going to

1) Danny could you lend me some Money,please? I........(buy) a present Sarah. I .....(pay) you back next week .I promise

2)Sandra and Jack ......(come)this evening , so if you could tidy the living room a bit and . I ......(start) coong.

3) I'm afraid we ........(have) to cancel our trip tonorrow . I've just seen the weather forecast and they say it .......
(rain)heavily all day

4) You're so pale! I just hope you .......(not faint) in a moment! I ......(get) you some water



1)am going to buy, will pay
2) are coming, will start
3) will have, is going to rain
4)won't faint, will get
3 3 3
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2010-03-24T10:45:41+01:00 going to buy, will pay
2. are coming, will start
3. will have, is going to rain
4.won't faint, will get
2 4 2