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During the week Helen gets up at seven o'clock.She has breakfast at seven thirty. She starts school at nine o'clock. She has lunch at twelve thirty.
On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Helen goes home at four o'clock.Wednesday is sports afternoon and Helen goes swimming. She watchges WOW from five to five thirty on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.She does her homework from five thirty to seven. She has dinner at seven thirty.
After dinner she watches TV or listen to music. She goes to bed at nine o'clock but she reads in bed. Do you?She also helps her parents. Do you?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I usually get up at 7 am during the week days. I eat breakfast at 7:45 and go to school around 8 o'clock. My first period class starts at 8:30. I eat lunch around noon.
I come back from school at 4pm. I eat dinner and do my homework.
After that I have time to relax, I watch TV or listen to music.
If I have enough time I also hang out with my friends. I'm a pretty busy person.
Usually I go to bed around 9-10 pm, but during weekends I fall asleep a little bit later.
During the week I get up at six o'clock. I have braeakfast at half past six and I start school at eight o'clock. I have lunch at three o'clock. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I come back to home at two o'clock, but on Wednesday and Friday I come back at five o'clock, because I trainging basketball on that days. I watch TV after dinner, than I do homowork. I have supper at eight o'clock. After supper I have a shower and go to bad.