Answer the questions
1-is your countury multicultural?
2-what about your area
3- what are the advantages of a multicultural society
4-would you like to study in another country? why?/Why not?
prosze o szybką odpowiedź na te pytania w j. angielskim ... to pilne .. z góry thx



1. My country isn't multicultural. There are some minorities in Poland but we cannot say it is multicultural.
2. My area is not multicultural either. There are only Poles living in my neighbourhood.
3. One of the advantages is that people are more tolerant when they live in a multicultural society. Secondly, they can learn different culture, customs and tradition from one another. In addition, they can learn languages easily.
4. Yes, I would like to study in a different country. I would have a possibility to improve my foreign language. I would like to learn everything about the culture of a given country. I would get to know many interesting people.
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The advantages of a multicultural society are:
No because My language is medium speaking I was scarring because i don't know people and teachers.