Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Propozycja 1
1.I got up at seven o'clock.
2.Merry go to her bed at eight o'clock.
3. I alvays do my homework
3. I'll study tumorrow.
4. I like visit my frends
5. I alvays help for my mum clean
6. Jim reand a lot of books
propozycja 2.
1.I can speak english.
2. I couldn't play football, when i was two.
3. Tina alvays learn her brother reading.
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Rano wstaje o godzinie 7.
Spac ide o godzinie 22.
Po szkole odrabiam prace domowa.
Co wtorek chodze na badania do lekarza.
Co poniedzialek mam wizyte u psychologa.
Mama i tato pomagaja mi w nauce.
Na srode musze przeczytac lekture.
Mam powiedziec dla nauczyciela ze jestem nieprzygotowany do lekcji.
Mama powiedziala zebym sie nauczyl na sprawdzian.

Morning gets up about hour 7.
I get in sleep about hour 22.
I after school do works home.
What Tuesday go on investigation to doctor.
What I have monday visit at psychologist.
Mum and papa helping me in science.
On srode fly riding books.
Have for teacher listen from I be prepared to lesson.
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Every Monday I get up at half past six. On Monday I must study to Maths. I have got a additional English. Then I learn English. In the afternoon I do my homework and help mum in the kitchen. In the evening I usually play the piano with my older sister. On Monday my grandparents visit me, but it happens somtimes. I go to bet early because nexy day I go to school at eight!
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