Wyobraź sobie, że intensywnie trenujesz, przygotowując się do ważnej imprezy sportowej. opisz swój typowy dzień. użyj poniższych wyrażeń i podaj godzinę zajęć.

at dawn, in the morning, at midday, in the afternoon, as dusk, at night, at midnight,

przykład: I often get up at dawn and go jogging. I'm usually back home by 7o'clock in the moring. The I have a shower and eat a very healthy, energy- boosting brekfast.

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I really work hard to be athletic. Thats why my day is so busy. I get up at six oclock every day. I jog for next hour and then I have breakfast consisted of vegetables generally. At half past seven I have cold shower and at seven fifty I ago to school. I come back from school at two oclock. I eat healthy dinner. I eat vegetables again but is usually some soup. At three oclock I go training. I run about five kilometres every day. I came back home at six oclock,I eat some snack and then I learn for about two hours. I try to go to sleep as early as it is possible - I want to be in a good form. I go to sleep at nine.
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As I began to train for the London marathon, I had to reorganize my whole day schedule. Every day I wake up at dawn and after light and energetic breakfast I go for the gym to train my muscles. Then I take fast shower and in the morning, at 8 o’clock I go to work, straight after gym. At midday I eat lunch, which contains fruits and whole bread snacks with chicken and salad. In the afternoon I finish my work and I come back home. I eat dinner, which have to contain a lot of carbon oxidants in order to give me power for long-distance running . After hour and half, as it dust and if the weather is good, I go jogging – I run in intervals, about 1,5 hour. Once a weak I do a long-distance run – about 15 to 20 kilometres. I come back about 9 o’clock and I drink a fruit cocktail with proteins. Then I do all work, which I have to and at midnight I go to bed, because usually I’m very tired after so intensive day.
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When I wake up in the morning about 7 o`clock I take a shower. After a shower, eat a nutritious breakfast, and after the run going. I do warm up and begin a sharp run 1 hour. After the gym, walks, swimming and afternoon lunch. After lunch, go for a quick walk, and shopping. When I come home in the evening to eat dinner, wash and go to sleep about 11 o`clock.
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